London’s 100 Club fails in bid to become a listed building

Government minister rules that becoming a heritage site would not be in 'spirit of punk rock'

London’s legendary 100 Club venue has lost out in its bid to become a listed building.

The venue, which has frequently been threatened with closure over the past few years, secured a sponsorship deal with Converse in 2010 that ultimately allowed it to stay in business, but its management had also bid to achieve the status of a listed building to help secure its long-term future.

A spokesperson for John Penrose, who is Minister for tourism and heritage and who turned the request down, told the Sunday Telegraph that the venue, aside from its stage and sign, is unremarkable. They also said it would not be in the spirit of punk rock to grant the building listed status.

The spokesperson said: “There’s no denying the club’s place in British pop music history but in the end it’s only the stage and the signage that mark it out as being any different from any other basement club. I can’t help but feel that giving the cradle of punk rock listed building status would not be quite in tune with that movement’s driving spirit.”

Gorillaz, The Rapture and Graham Coxon have been among the acts to play free shows at the 100 Club since the sponsorship deal with Converse began.