Danny Boyle unveils Olympics opening ceremony festival style ‘mosh pits’

Paul McCartney has already said that he will be performing at the event

Film director Danny Boyle has unveiled a number of elements of this summer’s Olympics opening ceremony, which he is masterminding.

Paul McCartney has already revealed that he will be performing at the event in London on July 27, saying that he is “closing the opening” of London 2012.

Boyle has refused to confirm any of the acts that will be playing the event, but has said there will be “mosh pits” at both ends of the East London arena and, in a nod to Glastonbury Festival’s fallow year, a model of Glastonbury Tor as part of the £27 million spectacle. One of the mosh pits will have a festival atmosphere and the other a Last Night of the Proms theme, reports The Guardian. Both will be made up of around 100 young people.

The three hour long event has an Isles of Wonder theme and will feature the world’s largest harmonically tuned bell. “When you hear it, it’s very sweet. It’s ancient, so it reminds you of the past. It’s also timeless, so it evokes the future. That was how communities notified each other something important was about to happen,” said Boyle of the bell, which will ring to kick off the event. 10,000 people are set to take part in the show.

Boyle has explained that the show is not a musical show but a ‘narrative set to music’.