James Franco releases ‘drag queen dubstep’ EP

Actor teams up with art star Kalup Linzy for the release

Hollywood actor James Franco has released his debut EP, ‘Turn It Up’, alongside drag queen, artist and R&B singer Kalup Linzy.

The pair have been friends since meeting at the Art Basel Festival in Miami a couple of years ago. Speaking to Spinner about his new musical collaborator Linzy said: “There’s something different going on with him; he’s not just in the movie world. What’s funny is that he was painting before his acting career took off and I was acting before my art career took off.”

Franco sings on the dance, dubstep and experiemental music release, which was co-produced by DJ/Rupture.

Linzy continued:

The EP definitely went in an electronic direction. But I see it rooted in the tradition of R&B but with dubstep and also some Motown sounds… some [songs] can be played in the club, but there are certain textures that are also meant to be listened to with headphones. I hope with that this new record will be added to the conversation of contemporary music, but as well within the conversation of art.

The video for single ‘Rising’ was shot by Franco on the set of the US TV drama General Hospital, in which he stars. You can watch it below: