Jens Lekman to release new EP ‘An Argument With Myself’ in September

Swedish singer announces first release for four years

Swedish singer Jens Lekman has announced details of his first release in four years.

The singer will release a new EP, ‘An Argument With Myself’, on September 19. The new EP marks Lekman‘s first official release since his 2007 album, ‘Night Falls Over Kortedala’.

Speaking to a Washington newspaper, Lekman explained that he hadn’t been planning to release an EP, but that it accidentally came about while he was recording his fifth album.

He said:

I really loved these songs, and I thought they were great, but they just didn’t seem to fit the mood of the record. And they seemed to be the songs that people enjoyed the most when I played them live, so I decided that they belonged together on an E.P, sort of like a little taste of what’s not to come.

The EP will feature a number of songs which the singer has previously played live, including ‘Waiting For Kirsten’, which details Lekman‘s fruitless quest to stalk actress Kirsten Dunst when he heard she was in his hometown.