REM’s Mike Mills: ‘Michael Stipe will not record a solo album’

Ex-bassist believes the singer will concentrate on art and photography instead

R.E.M bassist Mike Mills has revealed that he doesn’t expect former frontman Michael Stipe to release any solo material in the near future.

The band announced their official split last month after 31 years together. The guitarist said that he believes that Stipe is more likely to work with art and photography instead of making music in the next chapter of his career.

He told Mojo:

I don’t think that’s [music] is where his passion lies. I think he wants to be in the visual arts. I imagine Michael will do a lot of sculpture and photography. I think those are his big interests now.

Mills recently stated that R.E.M are unlikely to ever share a stage together again in the future.

The band are due to release a post-split hits compilation next month. They put the finishing touches to ‘Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage: 1982 – 2011’ before they called it a day after 31 years in September.

The collection will include three new tracks recorded after the release of recent album ‘Collapse Into Now’, including their final single ‘We All Go Back To Where We Belong’. You can watch a video for that track, starring Kirsten Dunst, below.

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