Young people would rather stay at home than go to clubs, new survey finds

Current generation is less interested in clubbing

According to a survey conducted by The Guardian, young British people would rather stay at home than go out to clubs.

The survey, which gathered 196 responses from people aged between 18 and 35, asked questions about social media and the clubbing environment.

A majority of 70 people claimed that the current generation is less interested in clubbing, in comparison to only 45 people that thought otherwise.

Responses cited health, safety concerns and exhaustions as reasons why a night at home would be preferable, and also claimed that clubs were not friendly enough and that they’d rather spend time with their friends instead of being unable to hear them in a club.

Lucy, 25, from London said: “Why be crammed in a sweaty club or be limited to a handful of mindless nightlife activities when I could be doing a lot more at home for less money, with greater cultural value and without the hassle of trekking out?”

Tom, 33, from London suggested the problem was the standard of modern clubs: “Bouncers are always rude and aggressive with no cause; DJs usually play what they want not what people want to listen to; the drinks are overpriced. Last time I went to [London club] Fabric, the music was still good but I realised as I was walking out that I’d been robbed.”

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