Reality star Alex Reid releases his debut single and deletes it minutes later

However, a 23-second clip of his turgid dance track 'Stardust' is still online

Not content with being a prominent cage fighter, a fixture in gossip magazines, a former squeeze of Jordan and Celebrity Big Brother winner, Alex Reid has now decided he wants to be a pop star too and releases his debut single next month.

The track, which is comically named ‘Stardust’, features so much Auto-Tuning it’s almost impossible to tell it’s Reid. But, such was the negative reaction when it was debuted online yesterday (May 22), it was removed from the internet almost instantly.

The track, which is being formally released on June 1, is a collaboration with producers Ministry Of Pop and, according to Reid, has been inspired by his “love for Chantelle Houghton [Reid’s current partner, ex-wife of The Ordinary Boys‘ Preston]”.

However, when it was debuted on YouTube yesterday, the track drew over 125 dislikes in just over 10 minutes and producers decided to take it down.

Despite this, a 23-second sample of the track survived and you can hear the full horror by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.