Wild Beasts and Hurts venue facing closure after losing out on lottery funding

London's Wilton's Music Hall had asked for £3.8 million grant from the Heritage Lottery

London‘s Wilton’s Music Hall is facing closure after being denied a £3.8 million grant from the Heritage Lottery.

The venue, which opened in 1858, is widely regarded to be the oldest working music hall in the world, but is falling into a state of disrepair according to its owners and desperately needs funding just be to be able to stay open. The venue has hosted gigs from the likes of Wild Beasts and Hurts over the last few months.

According to The Independent, the venue’s artistic director Frances Mayhew described the decision as “a real blow” and added: “We understand that funds are limited at the Heritage Lottery, but the Wilton is literally falling down, and this was our last opportunity to get funding for repairs. They told us to try again next time, but we might not have a building left to save by the end of the year.”

The venue has also been forced to close half of its interior off to visitors and has now resorted to appealing for donations from the general public. It has already raised £170,000 from donations so far.

For information about the venue, visit Wiltons.org.uk.