PIAS MD says reports of ‘professional gang’ robbery at Sony Warehouse are ‘a complete fabrication’

Peter Thompson also says labels are getting back on their feet after the DADC blaze

Peter Thompson, MD of PIAS, has told NME that the recent story that the Sony DADC Warehouse was robbed by a “professional gang” before it was torched are a “complete fabrication.”

The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday (September 1) that the Sony DADC distribution centre was deliberately targeted by a professional gang, who arrived with specialist cutting equipment and spent up to two hours dismantling a high security fence before breaking in.

They were then reported to have overwhelmed the onsite security staff, loaded up a fleet of vans with electrical items including Playstations and televisions and then invited other gangs in to continue the looting in an attempt to cover their tracks.

Speaking this afternoon (September 2), Thompson said of the report:

The whole thing is a complete fabrication. The Sony warehouse doesn’t have any of the hardware the report mentions. No Playstations, no televisions, nothing like that. The report was so inaccurate it was unbelievable.

He continued:

I’ve no idea who planted the story or where the Telegraph got it, but there’s not an ounce of truth to it. The investigation is still carrying on, but this came totally out of nowhere. I think that’s why Sony and the Police haven’t commented, because it’s so inaccurate.


Thompson also spoke about progress being made in establishing the new distribution centre for independent record labels and how those badly affected by the fire were recovering.

Sony has set up a new distribution centre in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, which will be in business from August 22. PIAS has partnered with Proper Music Distribution to ‘ease the burden’ on the new facility. Proper Music will distribute to independent retailers as well as dealing with Amazon and Play orders. Sony DADC will deal with supermarkets, HMV bulk orders, international shipments and wholesalers.

Thompson said of how the new distribution centre was working:

It’s all going ok. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s business as usual, but we’re certainly getting there.

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