BlackBerry trials their new music sharing service, BBM Music

The service launches in closed beta format today (August 25)

BlackBerry have revealed plans for their brand new BBM Music music sharing service.

Research In Motion, the company who own the BlackBerry device, will see BBM Music launch today (August 25) in closed beta format in the UK, US and Canada, with plans for the rest of the world to follow later this year.

With licences from the four major labels, BBM will be a paid for subscription service ($4.99 a month in the US), which allows used to choose 50 songs from the BBM Music catalogue to attach to their profiles. These can be listened to offline.

Users will also be able to access the 50 profile songs of their BBM contacts who also join up to the service, reports The Guardian. According to senior project manager Nick Patsiopoulos “during the beta the BBM Music connections is limited to 140 BBM Music contacts until launch but it can scale past there”.

Users of the service will be allowed to comment on their contacts’ songs and users will be able to buy songs above the 50 track limit from Amazon.