Country singer Mindy McCready says she cannot return son as she is heavily pregnant

Singer is risking arrest by disobeying court order to return five-year old child

US country singer Mindy McCready has said that she cannot obey a court order to return her five-year old son as she is heavily pregnant with twins.

The singer had been given until later today (December 1) by a court in Florida to return her son Zander to the home of her mother, but has said that she cannot fulfil that request as she is more than seven months pregnant.

A missing person’s report had initially been issued to find the child, but McCready has now revealed that they are both in Tennessee, where she claims she expected her ongoing custody battle over Zander to be transferred to.

In a statement issued to the Associated Press, McCready has alleged that her son has suffered abuse at her mother’s home and has said that she is prepared to risk arrest to protect her son’s health.

She said in a statement:

I’m a mom first. No matter what happens, I’m going to protect my kid. If I have to go to jail, so be it.

McCready, who has a history of drug abuse, appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew last year and, later in the same year, was hospitalised after a suspected drugs overdose.

The singer has been involved in a lengthy custody battle with her mother over her son, with her mother awarded custody and made a full guardian of the child in 2007. She has attempt to overturn this a number of times since and is also suing her mother and a tabloid newspaper for libel in a Palm Beach County court.

McCready’s mother vehemently denies her daughter’s allegations of abuse, saying that they are “absolutely not true”.