REM’s Michael Stipe: ‘It’s unfathomable that I’ll make a solo album’

Singer rules out recording his own LP

R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe has said it’s “unfathomable” that he will make a solo album.

Stipe and the rest of R.E.M decided to part ways in September, when they issued a public statement revealing they were calling time on the band after a career that spanned over three decades.

In October, bassist Mike Mills had said that he thought it was unlikely that Stipe would record his own LP, but the singer has now officially told Rolling Stone he has no plans to pursue a solo career.

Stipe, who is thought to be more focussed on his current sculpture work, said: “Who says I have to be a songwriter? I’m in a place right now where I don’t know what the future holds for me.”

On the subject of recording and releasing a solo album, meanwhile, he insisted:

It’s unfathomable to me right now. What would it sound like? Watered-down R.E.M?

Earlier this month, Stipe said there were “plenty of big fucking clues” that they were set to split on their final album ‘Collapse Into Now’. The singer said that the fact the band appeared on the sleeve themselves – and that Stipe was waving – should have given the game away to fans.

Meanwhile, guitarist Peter Buck admitted he was sad that the band would never play together again, but insisted he couldn’t imagine them changing their minds over the decision to split.

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