Vegan black-metal chef launches online cooking episodes

Heavy metal fan starts growled guide to vegan cooking online

Vegan black-metal fan Brian Manowitz has caused a stir across the net this past week by launching his series of online cooking guides.

Florida-based Manowitz – known as the Vegan Black Metal Chef – kicked off his channel with a recipe for Pad Thai, which you can watch by clicking below. The sung/growled instructions feature clear guidelines for ingredients, preparation and cooking – all presented by Manowitz and backed by a black-metal soundtrack.

With over 700,000 views already clocked up Manowitz launched a website,, to host his material and post cooking updates for fans. “I am incredibly pleased and humbled from the awesome initial response,” he wrote in a post online. “You all kick ass for enjoying (or not enjoying) the awesome combination of great food and black-metal. Making music/recording and cooking are two of my three main passions in life. I don’t settle for OK food and neither should you.”

Fans who enjoy the episodes can download the audio track of the instructions on his website.