‘The X Factor’ bosses admit to using vocal enhancement on show

Spokesperson says post-production work is necessary

The X Factor chiefs have admitted to using vocal enhancement equipment on the television show.

The new series of the ITV show started on Saturday (August 21) – after broadcast, speculation on Auto-Tune or voice enhancement became a hot topic on internet forums for the talent contest.

“The judges make their decisions at the auditions stage based on what they hear on the day, live in the arena,” the spokesperson told BBC News. “The footage and sound is then edited and dubbed into a finished programme, to deliver the most entertaining experience possible for viewers.”

They added: “When it gets to the live shows, it will be all live.”

Fans were focusing on the performance of contestant Gamu Nhengu on the show, with many pointing to the editing done on her take on ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Katrina And The Waves.

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