Greg Lake talks about Keith Emerson depression and urges others to seek help

Lake describes former bandmate as "increasingly confused, desperate and depressed"

Greg Lake has spoken about bandmate Keith Emerson’s battle with depression and urged anyone feeling a similar way to seek help.

Police declared that the Emerson, Lake & Palmer member committed suicide after discovering his body at his California home on Friday (March 11).

Speaking to the Express, Lake said that he first knew that Emerson was prone to episodes of depression in 1977. He described his friend and collaborator as “increasingly confused, desperate and depressed” toward the end of his life.


“I have to be honest and say his death didn’t come as a shock to me,” Lake said. “The situation with Keith didn’t happen suddenly — it has been developed from as far back as ‘The Works Vol. 1’ album. At that point I began to see things happening with Keith which didn’t look or feel right.”


He added: “It’s very difficult to describe what depression is. We all know what it looks like. People’s moods become very black. But it’s more complicated. It changes someone’s personality.

“He lived, in the end, this very lonely existence of someone who was deeply troubled. I saw someone who became increasingly confused, desperate and depressed.”

Lake also disputed Emerson’s girlfriend, who suggested that a recent physical setback could have been behind the suicide. “I’m sure that was a component — but a lot of people are given bad news like that, and you don’t take your life because of it,” he said.

“If anyone does have feelings of being so desperate that they think it’s better off not to wake up tomorrow, please talk to somebody. The doctor, your friend, anybody.

“Talk to them and tell them what state you’re in. If Keith had taken that path, he might still be here today.


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