Major labels to release singles as soon as they hit radio

New releases could be on sale as soon as they get on the airwaves

Two of the UK’s major record labels have announced plans to make new singles from their artists available on the same day they are first played on the radio.

According to Music Week, from next month, Universal and Sony Music will adopt this policy for all acts whose management agree.

Acts on Sony include Foo Fighters, Glasvegas and Kasabian, while Snow Patrol, Green Day and Arcade Fire are among the artists signed to Universal.

Universal Music‘s UK CEO David Joseph said of the decision: “For a lot of our younger fans and consumers the word ‘wait’ is no longer in the vocabulary. You hear something and want it and then you search it. And if you search for it then you’ve got to make sure there is a legal site for that appetite.”

Sony Music chairman and CEO Ged Doherty added said: “We live in an age of immediacy – release windows are a thing of the past.”

A successful example of this technique is BBC Sound of 2011 winner Jessie J, whose single ‘Do It Like A Dude’ was released on radio and to buy at the same time in December. It climbed to Number Two in the UK Top 40 this weekend (January 16) after eight weeks in the chart.

Both labels have said they both hope this move will satisfy consumer appetites and combat piracy.