REM’s Mike Mills: ‘Splitting up now feels perfect’

Bassist says band were lucky to 'go out on their own terms'

R.E.M‘s bassist Mike Mills has said that the timing of the band’s split was “perfect” and that they are lucky to “go out on their own terms”.

Mills and the rest of R.E.M called time on their 31-year-career in September, when they issued a public statement revealing they were “astonished at all we have accomplished” in a career that spanned over three decades.

Since making their decision to split public, the band have dismissed any hopes they may reform in the future, with Mills now insisting that the group had no regrets over the decision.

“There aren’t many bands who go out on their own terms,” he told the Daily Star, before referencing their early discussions about disbanding in 2008 by adding: “We thought, ‘What happens next? We can’t do this forever,’ and it seemed like a perfect time to call time.”

He then went on to say:

Our last record is as good as anything we’ve done, we’re all still friends and happy so it feels perfect.

Last week, R.E.M‘s Michael Stipe said there were “plenty of big fucking clues” that they were set to split on their final album ‘Collapse Into Now’. The singer said that the fact the band appeared on the sleeve themselves – and that Stipe was waving – should have given the game away to fans.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, guitarist Peter Buck admitted he was sad that the band would never play together again, but insisted he couldn’t imagine them changing their minds over the decision to split.

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