Japanese pop star turns out to be computer generated

Girlband member was actually a composite of her bandmates

A member of a top Japanese pop group was not actually a real human being, it has been revealed.

Eguchi Aimi was supposed to be the newest member of all-girl group AKB48, but she was actually a composite of six of her bandmates. A video has been released showing how the girls’ features were blended together for the rather convincing publicity stunt – scroll down to watch it.

The band have now released an application where you can create your own fake pop star.

AKB48 formed in 2005 and have their own theatre in the Akihabara district of Tokyo. Because they perform several times a day, as well as on TV shows and adverts, they are actually divided into four separate ‘teams’ and, as a result, they are already in the Guinness Book Of Records as the “pop group with the greatest number of members” – currently 58 (or is that now 57?). To date they have had eight Number One singles in Japan.