Trial for Jennifer Hudson’s family killings set

William Balfour is accused of murdering three of the singer's family members

The trial for the man accused of killing three members of Jennifer Hudson’s family, including her mother, in 2008, had been set for April.

William Balfour was charged with the three Chicago murders and will now stand trial for the crimes in April. Balfour’s lawyer Amy Thompson objected to the timing of the trial, insisting she is still building her case, saying “We’re not prepared for trial at this time.” The judge, William Charles Burns, has however, said jury selection will start on April 9 and testimony on April 23, reports Billboard.

Balfour – pictured right – is the estranged husband of Jennifer Hudson’s sister and is accused of murdering her mother, brother and her sister’s seven year-old son. It is alleged that Balfour shot the three in a jealous rage.

In 2008, Balfour’s defence said there was no forensic evidence, however, prosecution have now insisted there is. They have also said that detectives have since disproved statements made to them by Balfour.