NME’s pop star Tweets of the week

Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Hurts, Marina And The Diamonds and Art Brut offer up their social network scribings

Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Hurts and Art Brut offer up their thoughts in the pick of this week’s Twitter posts:

“I wish Kele from Bloc Party had thought interviews should be taken with a pinch of salt five years ago. You know round about the time he punched me in the head for saying he was a bit whiny in one” wrote Art Brut‘s Eddie Argos after Kele Okereke posted his blog response after his phone interview appeared on NME.COM.

“Did you know that a baby can crawl through a whale’s veins…” Theo from Hurts offers his thought for the day.

“What’s the difference between Alex Ferguson and James Brown??? Ferguson is playing Giggs this year,” Reverend And The Makers’ Jon McClure responds to NME‘s search for the funniest music joke.

“Jessie J has said her broken foot has given her “a new respect for people who don’t have legs”. what a patronising div,” The Twang spit after Jess finally recovers from her broken foot.

“Got a massive craving for pizza, its out of control. I’ve not eaten a pizza since January 24. It was a large Italian Hawaiian, double ham + double pineapple, and it cost £15.39 from Kentish Town Pizza Hut.” Calvin Harris reveals what he does when he’s not shooting videos with Rihanna.

“I peeped that too *puts down donut* RT @LimmitedEdition: @rihanna looks fat in the we found love pics =[,” Rihanna makes light heart of a fan calling her fat during the same video shoot.

“I want Cookies and Ice Cream…” Tinie Tempah offers up his thoughts on dessert.

“So it’s all recorded, 12 tracks, from the first take of the first song to the last breath blown down the microphone on the last track. Should begin mixing in the next few days, then mastered and then ready for release.” Cast singer John Power takes a moment to ponder the fact this has band have just laid down their first album in 10 years.

“Rest of U.K will release “R a d i ☢ a c t i v e” tomorrow (October 1) @ midnight on iTunes… ✰ – ✰ – ✰ – ✰ – ✰. Fuck. Sorry for all those stars. It felt so therapeutic though.” Marina Diamandis from Marina And The Diamonds gets a little carried away trying to announce her new single.