Rock singles market share falls to 50-year low in UK chart

2010 figures were poorest showing for rock in 50 years

The number of rock songs to feature in the UK singles chart has fallen to its lowest tally in 50 years, according to new research.

Just three of the top 100-selling UK singles of 2010 were classified as rock, down from 13 in 2009, reports Music Week. Hip-hop and R&B songs accounted for 47 of the tracks, with 40 were classified as pop songs and the remaining 10 as dance music.

The decline in rock music in the UK singles chart has been sharp. As recently as 2008 the genre accounted for 27 of all tracks in the top-100 sellers. Of the three rock tracks featured in the 2010 list, the top-selling was Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’‘, originally released in 1981, which was the 25th best seller overall.

Rock fared slightly better in the UK albums charts last year, scoring 27 of the top 100 biggest-sellers. However, according to the figures Mumford and Sons were the only classifiable rock act to have an album in the Top 10, with ‘Sigh No More’ placed at Number 10 in the list.

Although it wasn’t classified as rock, Florence And The Machine‘s ‘Lungs’ was at Eight.

Yesterday (January 6) it was announced that UK albums sales in the UK fell for the sixth consecutive year in 2010.