Live Nation trialing ‘smart chip’ digital gig tickets

Fans will be able to buy food and drink with wristbands

Concert promoters Live Nation have been testing new digital wristbands which could be introduced for festivals and gigs soon.

The company have said that they hope the new wristbands, which hold information about the identity of the wearer, will replace traditional paper tickets, reports BBC Newsbeat.

The wristbands could also be used to pay for food and drinks at shows. John Probyn from Live Nation said the technology was being introduced to help combat touting.

“Your ticket won’t be a paper ticket, it’ll be a wristband unique to you,” he explained. “If Fred Bloggs comes in, I can ask him for identification to prove he is that person.”

Muse‘s Chris Wolstenholme was one of the musicians calling for more measures to be taken against touting and re-selling tickets above face value.

“It’s something the bands have got to look at and they’ve got to put into play where you buy directly from the band rather than these [secondary] agents,” he said. “The bands have got to try and kick this whole scamming thing out.”