Justin Bieber faces North Korea tour after internet vote prank

Voters in droves choose communist country as gig destination

Justin Bieber may face a tour of North Korea – as the result of an internet vote to choose a country for a gig, determined by online users worldwide.

The teenage singer held a poll on his official website, Justinbiebermusic, asking fans where they thought he should perform.

A user-led campaign to nominate communist North Korea went viral, resulting in the country gaining the most number of votes ahead of all other countries, reports BBC News.

The vote was set to close on July 7, but has been taken down from his site.

Media is restricted in North Korea and the internet is not available to most of its citizens, making it highly unlikely that the votes were coming from the country.

Bieber has been on the receiving end of a series of internet pranks recently, including several hoax reports about his death and an attempt to make “Justin Bieber syphilis” appear as a popular search term on engines, including Google Trends.