Adele: ‘Amy Winehouse paved the way for me’

Adele pays tribute to trailblazing modern soul sensation

Adele has paid tribute to Amy Winehouse, who died on Saturday (July 23).

Winehouse began the trend of singing retro-influenced material which Adele has also found worldwide success with. The two also shared a producer in Mark Ronson and a North London upbringing.

Writing on the singer admitted that Winehouse ‘paved the way’ for her.

In a post titled Amy Flies In Paradise, she wrote:

Not many people have it in them to do something they love, simply because they love it. With no fuss and no compromise. But she knew what she was capable of and didn’t even need to try. If she wanted to do something she would and if she didn’t she’d say fuck off.


Adele went on to say:

We believed every word she wrote, and it would sink in deep when she sang them. Amy paved the way for artists like me and made people excited about British music again whilst being fearlessly hilarious and blase about the whole thing. I don’t think she ever realised just how brilliant she was and how important she is, but that just makes her even more charming.

Tributes to the singer have also flooded in from the music world, with the likes of Lily Allen, Jessie J, Paramore‘s Hayley Williams and Boy George among those paying their respects.

Mark Ronson, who co-produced the singer’s hit 2006 album ‘Back To Black’, described Winehouse as his ‘musical soulmate’.

NME.COM users have also been leaving their tributes on NME‘s Facebook page,

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