REM’s Peter Buck: ‘I’m sad we’ll never play together again’

Band say that talk of splitting began in 2008

R.E.M‘s Peter Buck has said that he’s sad the band may not ever play together again – but also claimed he couldn’t imagine the group changing their minds about their recent decision to split.

In an interview with The Guardian, R.E.M revealed that discussion on going their separate ways began in 2008 after the release of their album ‘Accelerate’, although they did not make the announcement public until September of this year.

Buck, who said that playing ‘Accelerate’ live made him realise it could be “the band’s last tour” and that he and his bandmates had then decided to “make one final last great record”, also admitted he was upset that R.E.M would no longer play together.

He said:

There’s a good chance we’ll never play together again. And that’ll make me feel sad, except for the fact that I played [those songs] a lot for a long time. I can’t imagine anything in this moment that would cause us to use the name R.E.M and play songs again.

He also said that financial gain was no longer a motive for the band and not reason enough to keep going, adding: “We could be out there right now making a billion. But we’d be doing it for the money, and we’ve never done anything for the money.

“I hated rich people when I was young, and I still kind of do. Being one myself, it’s a little contradictory, but hey, I can live with that.”

R.E.M released their final studio album ‘Collapse Into Now’ in March this year, and will release the compilation record ‘Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982–2011’ on November 15.

Earlier this month, singer Michael Stipe and bassist Mike Mills ruled out the possibility that the band would ever reunite. Mills also said he thought it was unlikely that Stipe would release a solo album and was unlikely to continue making music.

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