David Cameron set to demand music videos be issued with age ratings

Prime Minister says he wants new regulations to stop "the commercialisation and sexualisation" of childhood

Prime Minister David Cameron is thought to be planning to suggest the introduction of a new set of regulations, which would see music videos issued with age ratings.

According to a letter seen by the Daily Telegraph, Cameron wants to issue the ratings as part of his government’s plan to curb “the commercialisation and sexualisation” of childhood.

This proposal is thought to be part of a package of new rules that will also call for the ban of sexualised images in public advertising and the covering up of explicit magazine displays.

A number of music videos have been heavily criticised over the past few months for their use of sexualised imagery, with videos released by Lady Gaga and Rihanna in particular coming in for criticism.

Earlier this year, XL Recordings boss Richard Russell went as far as to say that there was an overload of “faux porn” in the promotion of female artists in pop music and that he believed the idea a new female pop star could be successful without being over-sexualised in promoting her work was “unbelievable”.