REM rule out possibility of reunion tour

Mike Mills says band will never play together again

R.E.M bassist Mike Mills has ruled out the possibility that the band will reunite one day.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Mills said that he will never share a stage with his former bandmates Michael Stipe and Peter Buck, seemingly ruling out any chance that they will play together again.

Asked how he was feeling in the aftermath of the band’s break-up, Mills replied: “There is sadness because I will never play on the same stage as Peter and Michael again. We’re doing this for good reasons, and we end up looking back at all the fun, the joy and the incredible opportunities we had.”


Mills added that the break-up had been extremely amicable, and that the band were not splitting because they were on bad terms. He said:

It’s not because we have to or we can’t stand each other or we suck, We’re happy. But we’re done.

The band will release a new ‘Best Of’ compilation ‘REM, Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982- 2011’ on November 14, with three new tracks ‘Hallelujah’, ‘A Month Of Saturdays’ and ‘We All Go Back To Where We Belong’ included on the compilation. The latter will be released as a single on October 18.

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