‘X Factor’ winner Matt Cardle furious with Simon Cowell over One Direction release

Talent-show champion angry boyband favourites got to release new music before him

Matt Cardle hasn’t released any music and he’s already coming up with excuses about who to blame if it doesn’t go to plan.

Yes, that’s right. If things don’t go the right way for the 2010 X Factor winner, he’ll be gunning for Simon Cowell.

The former painer and decorator, who had a No 1 with ‘When We Collide’ – a retitled cover of Biffy Clyro‘s ‘Many Of Horror’ – has been away working on his debut album since winning last year’s competition, but is apparently furious teenyboppers One Direction – who came third in the same series – ­released their debut single before he’s had chance to put out any new music.


“They’re competition and it is s*** they got to release before the winner of the actual show,” said Cardle.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror he added:

It’s also worrying me that if One Direction decide to get slicker and go for more of an older market, then I’m stuffed too. It shouldn’t have happened really. Simon’s naughty.

“I just hope I’ll be able to cement myself into the charts before that happens. Otherwise I’ll be fuming. I can’t win unless I have an album that does the talking, and I think it does.”

He did go on to say he couldn’t have released anything ahead of the chart-topping boyband or fellow X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd as he hadn’t finished in the studio, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped Cardle having a good old moan.

“I’m ­desperate to shake off the X Factor tag now…” he concluded. “It’s all about shaking the X when it comes to the music I’m about to release. But I can’t knock the show for what it’s done for me. I’ve got my break from it and I’ve got my foot in the door by doing it.”

Cardle’s debut single ‘Run For Your Life’ is released on ­October 9, followed by his debut album ‘Letters’ on October 17.