Chris Morris’ ‘Four Lions’ star Riz Ahmed to release single next month

Riz MC's 'Hundreds + Thousands' out on June 14

Riz Ahmed, who plays a bumbling suicide bomber in Chris Morris‘ new film Four Lions, is set to release a single next month.

The actor is also a rapper and has released music since 2006 as Riz MC. He wil release his new effort ‘Hundreds + Thousands’ on June 14. Watch the video for the song on the right.

The song was inspired by the recent financial crisis. “I woke up one morning, made a cup of tea, watched the news,” Ahmed said. “Saw the banks had gone bust and the public now owned them – we’d saved their asses. I raised an eyebrow. Opened my post and saw that I had an overdraft charge letter from a bank that I now own. My eyebrow dropped.”

He is set to play a live show at London‘s Fabric venue on June 17. See the new issue of NME, out now, for an exclusive interview with Ahmed.

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