NME photographer staging Paul Weller-inspired new mod exhibition

Dean Chalkley to stage 'The New Faces' next month

NME photographer Dean Chalkley is set to stage a new ‘mod’ exhibition, partly inspired by Paul Weller.

This year’s Shockwaves NME Awards Godlike Genius suggested the title for The New Faces exhibition focusing on young British mods.

The exhibition takes place at The Book Club 100 on Leonard Street in London from March 5 until April 29, and also features a link-up with The Jukebox Jam record label, whose series of limited edition seven-inch vinyl reissues are ‘soundtracking’ the show.

The records are rediscovered American rhythm and blues tracks from the 1950s and early 1960s which have been out of print for some time.

“The name of the show was suggested by Paul Weller when I was shooting him recently. It’s the first time I’ve showed this set of pictures,” Chalkley told NME.COM.

“The prints are not of bands though, instead they are of a small group of young mods I’ve come across. You see, to me, music isn’t just about the rock star on the stage, it has a deeper effect and significance seeping into the soul of people. This is one of the things I wanted this set of work to highlight, it’s captivated these people and affected their lives.

“The music they listen to is raw RnB – I’m not talking about Usher – so to give people a flavour of what this music is I’ve linked up with Jukebox Jam Records.”

For more information on the exhibition and to hear tracks used in the collection from March 4 head to Deanchalkley.com.