Berlin nightclub Berghain struck by lightning, clubbers strip off and continue raving

A quite extraordinary evening at the iconic German club

The legendary Berlin nightclub Berghain was struck by lightning during an event over the weekend, but ravers continued dancing and even stripped off en masse after “the air conditioning shut down completely.”

Various reports from those in attendance at the club on social media say that the lightning strike caused a series of technical failures, but that didn’t deter punters from continuing to have a good time in the German capital.

As Resident Advisor reports, the Berlin DJ Barker, part of the Berghain-signed DJ duo Barker & Baumecker, tweeted yesterday that the extreme weather caused the air conditioning to blow “and switched the blinding bright emergency lighting on for three hours… [it] was like a sauna / solarium, but nobody left the dancefloor, it just felt like a never-ending breakdown… everyone waiting for the drop.” See his tweets below.


DJ T., meanwhile, posted about his experience from the night on his Facebook page. “Adrenaline is still running through my veins,” he wrote. “Lightning struck the building during my set, the sound went off for minutes, the air condition shut down completely, as almost all lights at the bar did. People took off their clothes because the place became a sauna, never saw so many topless girls and boys in a club.

“At Berghain the emergency light went on and couldn’t be switched off for hours. I will never forget that view from the iron stairs down on that ocean of naked flesh waving and pulsating. Wish I had a photo of that scenery, but, well, what happens inside these walls stays there and its good that it is the way it is! Thanks to everybody who came down for these memorable 4 hours and danced with me!”

See his full post below.


The electronic artist Pär Grindvik said in a statement to Pitchfork that the night “was most definitely one for the books.”

“I was pretty emotional after my set to say the least!” Grindvik said in his statement. “Maybe 10 minutes before my set, while I was getting ready to play, there was a short glitch in the light and sound system. The glitch was so short that nothing really rebooted, the music and lights kept on for a while but then suddenly the club’s panic lights came on. The reaction from the crowd including Dax and myself in the DJ both was that we thought it was a new light feature, but the lights stayed on while I took over the booth and were on for almost my whole set of four hours.

“Apparently the air conditioning also went off, so the club was extremely hot and humid, meaning the already lightly dressed crowd disrobed more and more as I played,” he continued. “From what I heard they had to get the fire department down to be able to turn the lights off again, which happened when I had just a few more tunes to play. I’ve experienced so many amazing nights playing in that club before, but this one was most definitely one for the books.”

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