Future of Technics record decks cast into doubt

Reports suggest Panasonic may be about to axe the DJ favourite

The production of Technics turntables, the favourite of many DJs, could be set to stop with parent company Panasonic planning to discontinue the range, according to reports.

The SL-1200 deck has been a club and audiophile staple since the 1970s for its reliability and direct drive mechanism. However, according to reports emerging fan Japan, the record player range could be on its way out due to falling sales.

Billboard.biz cites media reports and blogs that suggest Panasonic are about to stop manufacting new Technics SL-1200MK6 decks.


The company themselves have yet to respond to the latest rumours, although last year when similar reports emerged they issued a statement denying the line was going to be axed.

Last month Sony announced it was to stop making the similarly iconic cassette Walkman after 31 years.