Manchester voted as having the UK’s best live music scene

City tips Newcastle to top poll of UK's best live music areas

Manchester has been voted top in a poll of the UK’s best current live music scenes.

The poll was conducted by music copyright collection organisation PRS For Music, with over 3,000 people surveyed for it.

Participants were asked to answer the question, “Do you have enough local gigs in your area?”. 77 per cent of Manchester residents who took part answered “yes”, a figure just ahead of that for residents of Newcastle.


Derbyshire delivered the worst results, with 71 per cent of people from the city saying that they didn’t have enough local gigs. Somerset was second worst with 65 per cent and Yorkshire third with 59 per cent.

According to the poll the UK’s best current live music scene areas are:

1. Manchester
2. Newcastle
3. Nottingham
4. Lancashire
5. London

And the worst are:

1. Derbyshire
2. Somerset
3. Yorkshire
4. Kent
5. Essex

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