Peter Bjorn And John to release ‘pop rock album’

The group's sixth studio effort is due out in early 2011

Peter, Bjorn and John have revealed that their upcoming new album will see them going back to their roots to release a “pop rock album”.

Set for release in early 2011, the group’s sixth studio effort is the follow up to 2009’s ‘Living Thing’.

“We originally planned to make a punk rock album,” drummer John Eriksson told Spin. “But listening to it now it’s definitely a pop rock album. But it sounds more punk rock when we play the songs live!”

“We’ve sort [of] gone back to the beginning,” he continued, adding that the songs have elements of new wave and power pop. “It’s like Back To The Future!”

The album was produced by Per Sunding (The Cardigans), who Eriksson admitted was to blame for the band drinking in the studio and that even new song ‘Tomorrow Has To Wait’ is all about being drunk during recording sessions.

“We were more drunk this time,” the drummer said. “We have to blame the producer for that. He made us drink more. A lot of the final cuts were the drunken versions.”

Currently untitled, the group have been asking their fans to help them out with a name.

“”We’ve been working on an album title for six months,” Eriksson explained. “We’ve been asking our fans on Twitter. We have everything from ‘Clever Pig’ to ‘Stupid Sock’, which have been working titles. But it’s not going to be called anything like that. We’re working on it!”