Rebecca Black to donate ‘Friday’ profits to Japan tsunami relief

Plus Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga have bigged up the internet smash

Rebecca Black has said that she will donate profits from her single ‘Friday’ to the relief effort in Japan.

Speaking on the US chat show The Tonight Show, she said she would be donating the proceeds from ‘Friday’ “to Japan and to my school”.

The 13-year-old is estimated to have earned around $25,000 (£15,300) from download sales and YouTube views of the single’s video.


She also spoke of her excitement at hearing that The X Factor mogul Simon Cowell likes ‘Friday’ and wants to meet her. “Oh my gosh, [Cowell] wants to meet me? That’s so cool!” she exclaimed.

Lady Gaga has also praised Black, describing her as a “genius” in an interview with Google on Tuesday (March 22).

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