Ex-Manchester Utd footballer Dion Dublin launches new musical instrument

Former striker gets set to launch The Dube

Former England international footballer Dion Dublin has invented a new musical instrument.

Dublin, who retired from professional football in 2008 after playing for Coventry City, Aston Villa and Manchester United among others, says the instrument – which is aimed at percussionists – could be used by musicians, in DJ sets and in schools. He has called the device The Dube.

Although no images have surfaced of The Dube yet, on Thedube.com the item is described as a “unique percussion instrument” in the shape of a “stylish cube” that comes in four separate sizes, and can be customised in different colour schemes and tones.

Throughout his career Dublin‘s father was rumoured to have been Showaddywaddy‘s drummer, although in 2004 he told Givemefootball.com there was no truth in the issue. “It began as a joke and seems to have become part of football folklore,” he said. “That wasn’t my dad.”