Government blocks law change to instrument carrying on planes

Musicians will continue to carry their instruments 'at their own risk'

The Government has said it will not force airlines to allow musicians to carry their instruments onto planes with them.

The issue was debated after being raised by 28 MPs who had delivered a petition urging more support for musicians who need to safeguard their instruments during flights from the UK.

Liberal Democrat spokesman for Culture, Media and Sport, Lord Clement-Jones spoke in support of the motion. “There are terrible cases where valuable and cherished instruments are smashed in the holds of aircraft as result of musicians not being able to take them on board with them,” he said.

However, minister Earl Attlee ruled out the possibility of forcing airlines to allow musicians to take their instruments onboard, reports BBC News. “My department is well aware of the issue, but if airlines want to acquire a bad reputation with musicians then they can do so, but it is at their own risk,” he said.

Labour‘s Lord Davies condemned the decision, describing the idea that airlines will act of their own will as a “somewhat forlorn hope”.