Rupert Murdoch moves into the live music industry?

Media mogul taking on Australia's big ticket sellers

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch appears to be branching out into the live music industry – his Australian News Limited company has launched a ticket-buying service.

The website for the new Foxtix company, went live yesterday (October 18). It sells tickets to gigs plus arts and sporting events.

The aim of the company is to rival and – Australia’s two leading ticket websites.

Adam McArthur, general manager of Foxtix, claimed that users would save money by using the site for tickets ahead of its rivals.

“Compared to Ticketek and Ticketmaster,” he said, “Foxtix will give venues and promoters more control of the ticketing of their event and more buyer data – at a lower cost. Foxtix will also be giving consumers lower booking and transaction fees on their tickets.”

With Murdoch owning many media brands worldwide, including The Sun and The Times newspapers and a share in television network BSkyB in the UK, there is speculation he could branch out further into the ticketing industry around the globe.