Chipmunk suffering ‘exhaustion’ after Twitter suicide messages

'I'll be back soon' tweets rapper

Chipmunk has cancelled all his forthcoming public appearances as he is suffering “exhaustion”, according to his spokesperson.

The rapper has posted suicide-related messages on his Twitter page,, which were subsequently removed from the page.

The messages included “I want to die” and “Is suicide easy?”. His spokesperson told BBC Newsbeat that he had been suffering from “exhaustion” and was no taking time off to get back to full health.

“Since finishing his A-levels and completing work on his album, Chipmunk has been working incredibly hard on generating a successful music career which has taken its toll on such a young artist,” the spokesperson said.

They added: “Label and management have agreed to cancel all upcoming promotion and personal appearances to give the 18-year-old some much needed time off.”

Chipmunk later Tweeted: “Thanks for the support. I’ll be back soon!”