UK illegal downloaders’ details to be stored on official list

Ofcom outlines new proposals to tackle copyright infringement

People who infringe copyright through illegal downloading in the UK are set to have their names stored on lists under new proposals from communications regulator Ofcom.

The measure, announced today (May 28), is part of Ofcom‘s proposed code of practice as part of the Digital Economy Act 2010.

The proposed code would only affect the largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs): BT, Talk Talk, Virgin Media, Sky, Orange, O2 and Post Office, though they could be applied to smaller ISPs and across formats including mobile downloads in the future.

Under the code ISPs would have to compile lists of serial copyright infringers. Copyright holders, such as record companies, would be able to ask for access to the lists to take legal action against them.

A three-stage process for copyright infringers has been outlined, with users who receive three notifications of copyright infringement in a year being placed on a list requested by the copyright owner.

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