Love Parade memorial service held in Duisburg

Ceremony honouring the 21 victims of the festival disaster takes place in Germany

A memorial service has taken place today (July 31) to honour the lives of the victims of last weekend’s Love Parade disaster.

Memorial candles were lit in Duisburg, Germany, where 21 revellers were crushed to death at the techno festival held on the streets of the city.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Christian Wulff were amongst the thousands present at the memorial service which took place at Salvator Church.

The service was also broadcast at a football stadium and on screens in churches across the city, showing a speech made at the ceremony by Hannelore Kraft, the governor of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“There are many thousands who survived but whose souls were injured,” said Kraft. “They are suffering in silence.”

In addition to the 21 dead, 500 people were injured and 25 are reportedly still in hospital.

A reported 1.4 million people attended the festival, which will never be held again.