London 100 Club owner ‘in talks’ with sponsor to save venue

Jeff Horton says negotiations to save iconic venue from closure have started

The owner of London‘s 100 Club has said that he is in talks with a potential sponsor about saving the iconic venue from closure.

It had looked like the 100 Club could close its doors before 2010 ended due to increased rent, but owner Jeff Horton has now revealed that he is “in talks” with a potential sponsor who could offer a vital cash injection.

“We are actually in talks now with somebody who’s stepped forward who wants to sponsor the club,” he told the Evening Standard newspaper. “I can’t tell you any more than that because I’ve signed terms so I’m tied to a confidentiality agreement.”

He did, however, say he was optimistic that the venue could stay afloat with new investment. “I’m hopeful that something positive can be announced in the next week or so,” he said. “It would involve the club keeping going – it would remain with me.”

Speaking about the unnamed potential sponsor, he added: “It’s someone who knows we need a bit of support financially because it is more and more difficult to be independent in this day and age. If we’re going to keep going and the club’s legacy is going to continue, we need some support.”

Liam Gallagher, Mick Jagger and Mick Jones are among the musicians who have lent their support to the campaign to save the 100 Club. Paul McCartney played a gig there on Friday (December 17).