Manics, Blur, George Michael have their say on the Royal Wedding

Union Jack sarongs, a 'gay' dress and Princess Diana - musicians wax lyrical on William and Kate's nuptials

As Prince William and Kate Middleton start their married life together, musicians have been taking to their Twitter accounts to have their say on this morning’s (April 29) Royal Wedding.

Hardly noted royalists, the Manic Street Preachers were unsurprisingly on a bit of a downer about the Westminster Abbey ceremony. “Our history is not made by our monarchy – our history it is saved by people like you and me,” they wrote at

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon was keeping a keener eye on proceedings, tweeting about the couple’s Rolls Royce Phantom car: “Yum, I’ve been in one of those”.

“Nice flooring in the abbey – Tops [sic] Tiles,” he added.

George Michaelwho recorded a cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘You & I’ as a wedding ‘gift’ to the couplerevealed that he was watching the ceremony on TV while wearing “a union jack sarong and a pair of Crocs”. He later clarified: “Joke, people.”

Boy George‘s posts at mainly focused on Kate’s “gay” dress, along with guests Elton John and the Beckhams. “Apart from Elton the wedding was very straight anyway, but the dress was very, very, gay,” he said.

He added: “Was today a tribute to the late Princess Diana or what? Her legacy lived on today, it’s a fact!”

Meanwhile, Katy Perry painted her nails in tribute to the newlyweds, while Lethal Bizzle had some sage advice for Prince William. He tweeted: “William looks nuff like he’s [sic] dad, hope he don’t do wat [sic] he’s [sic] dad did, leave Diana for a bus :|”

Stars from the music and entertainment world who actually attended the ceremony alongside John and Beckham included singer Joss Stone, film director Guy Ritchie and actor Rowan Atkinson.

Ellie Goulding is reported to be playing at one of the couple’s reception parties tonight.

Rumours of the gig were further fuelled when the singer tweeted the word “anticipation” from her Twitter account,, earlier today.