Prophets Of Rage confirm plans to release new song ‘The Party Is Over’

Live track has been doing the rounds at the supergroup's recent shows

Prophets of Rage‘s Tom Morello has confirmed the supergroup are set to head into the studio to lay down their live track ‘The Party’s Over’.

The newly-assembled band, which contains three of the four members of Rage Against The Machine and is fronted by Public Enemy‘s Chuck D and Cypress Hill‘s B Real, made their live debut at the end of May.

Now Morello claims they are keen to hit the studio. He told Billboard: “We have a new song called ‘The Party’s Over’ that we hope to get down and make great before we rock the Republican National Convention [next month].”

He also explained the politcial meaning behind the song adding: “While B and Chuck are the lyricists of the song, my impression is it’s not just specifically aimed at the Republican Party. The one positive signal of this rejection cycle is the rejection from right-winger, independent and left-wingers of business as usual. And it’s understanding that the two-party system as it currently exists is just totally messed up and does not meet the needs of the people or the planet. And yes, there’s a racist demagogue heading up one wing of it.

“But in my opinion, a lot of the underlying frustrations of [Donald] Trump’s supporters are not things we disagree with. They hate the fact jobs are being sent overseas ’cause that makes Wall Street more money, they hate the fact that politicians are controlled by a corporatist cabal – those are things we get behind as well. So this is music that I think, in some ways – while there is certainly an unapologetic political bent to it – there’s no political litmus test to getting down with Prophets of Rage.”

The guitarist previously revealed that the supergroup had a number of new songs in the pipeline. He added: “It definitely won’t be a full-length album, but we’ve got some [songs]. While the tour will be exploring, deeply, the catalogues of Rage, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, we’ve got a new song or two that we want to record before we go out on the road.”