Mephedrone drug’s growing popularity highlighted in new poll

'It's come from nowhere to become very popular,' researchers say

A new study into legal drug mephedrone has found that the drug is among the most popular currently being used by clubbers.

The stimulant, also known as ‘miaow’, ‘plant food’ and ‘drone’, can be bought legally via the internet. A poll by the National Addiction Centre and Mixmag found that one in three people asked had used the substance in the past month.

“It’s come from nowhere to become very popular,” Dr Adam Winstock of the National Addiction Centre said, reports BBC Newsbeat.

Winstock added: “For a drug that’s been around for a relatively short amount of time, mephedrone has certainly made a big impact on the dance drug scene.”

A team of drug advisors have written to the Home Secretary Alan Johnson warning of the dangers of mephedrone, and the Government has also said it is making it a “priority” to find out more about the drug.

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