OiNK file sharing site creator’s trial defence begins

Alan Ellis defending against conspiracy to defraud

The man who created the OiNK file-sharing website has started his defence against the charge of fraud and copyright infringement.

Alan Ellis, 26, appeared in Teesside Crown Court this morning (January 13) to begin his defence, reports BBC 6music. He claimed that he created the site to further his programming skills rather than to make money.

The OiNK website was shut down in 2007 following an investigation by Dutch and British police.

Speaking in court this morning, Ellis said he had set up the website while studying at Teeside University to further his programming skills and not to make money – despite the fact that it was noted that he had around £190,000 in his bank account when police raided his house.

Prosecuting lawyer Peter Makepeace highlighted the donation scheme that was run through the site. “Every penny was going to Mr Ellis,” he said. “He hadn’t sung a note, he hadn’t played an instrument, he hadn’t produced anything. The money was not going to the people it rightly belonged to.”

When asked what his intention was when creating the site Elils said: “I didn’t have an intention, I was furthering my skills as a programmer, as a software engineer.”