UK’s first ‘pop-up’ music venue to open in London’s Finsbury Park

The Silver Bullet is set to stay in north London for seven months

The UK’s first “pop-up” music venue is set to open in north London this week (May 28).

Called The Silver Bullet, the venue is to be situated in Finsbury Park for the next seven months, before moving to a completely new location.

The opening night, on May 28, features live sets from The Vanities, Foreign Office, and Safari, while Mat Horne DJ’s.

Owner Tom Allerton explained the reason for the pop-up nature of the venue, saying: “Venues too readily become old and tired, with the same old bands and promoters turning up month after month. With our pop-up existence, we won’t be around long enough for people to become bored.”

The venue has a capacity of 175 people.