Nas explains Canadian gig no-show

Rapper says promoters were unable to pay him

Nas has explained why he did not show up to a scheduled performance in Canada on Thursday (May 28), blaming the concert promoter’s unprofessional behaviour.

The rapper, who recently split with pregnant wife Kelis, was due to perform in Torbay, Newfoundland, where a riot erupted as a result of his no-show.

“We decided, let’s do it real quick and get warmed up for Rock The Bells!” Nas said, according to “So, I didn’t expect no f**kery but was quickly reminded how things like this still happen to people in the game! [laughs] Bad business is bad business! Every now and again artists are asked to travel to another country to do their thing! But instead they arrive and are met by some strange people and instead of doing real business, these “JP’s” (janky promoters) are saying they have insufficient funds!”

Nas, whose real name is Nasir Jones, said that not only did the promoter lack the funds to pay for his performance, they also cancelled his hotel rooms.

“After 3 hours at customs and once I finally get to them I’m told they have an insufficient amount of money. Now I don’t usually leave my crib unless all the business is handled first. But I love my fans in Canada so I said cool. But of course it wasn’t cool. [They] had no paper and they cancelled our rooms and left us at the airport stranded. So what we had to do and did was get up out of there. But to all of Canada make sure you know I roll with ya hard!! It’s all love.”

Nas is due to hit the road with Damian Marley on the upcoming Rock The Bells tour, which kicks off June 27 in Chicago. The pair are set to release an album entitled ‘Distant Relatives’ on June 23.

–By our New York staff.
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