Lily Allen, Mike Skinner, Courtney Love – what we’ve learnt on Twitter this week (May 29)

All the best Tweets from your favourite musicians

It’s been another busy week, and our favourite musicians have once again been sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less on Twitter.

Here’s what we’ve learned from their Tweets, including Lily Allen and Mike Skinner arguing about penises, Graham Coxon blasting journalists, Courtney Love bigging up Noel Fielding and Jon McClure revealing that he fancies two prominent (male) indie stars.

Here’s some of the best Tweets from the past week, spelling mistakes and all

Courtney Love: i am at the chat designing strange and very cool clothes i think and watching “anvil” wonderiing if Noel F Knows he has a BILLBOARD! on SUNSET! Yay

Liam Gallagher: In the Gore Hotel doing a photoshoot, upto my eyeballs in podel moses, that’s fashion for ya… LG

Yan, British Sea Power: more old fashioned gardening. red ants are on the warpath.

James Smith, Hadouken!: Reheated Pizza Hut for a 2pm breakfast. What more could a lad ask for? (Can of Stella perhaps…)

The Chapman Family: Evolution was ace yesterday, thanks to anyone who threw stuff at us, especially the guy who threw a Wham Bar, i fucking love them so ta

Adam Ficek, Babyshambles: Duffy was a pop idol…Little Boots was a pop idol…Gareth Gates was a pop idol, Mr Freeze was an Ice pop, ice pops cause brain freeze…

Graham Coxon: i wonder if journalists write about their own lives in such a dramatic way?

Lily Allen to Mike Skinner: RT @skinnermike now is not the time for dick measuring hmmmmm. that may be quite tricky . Do they make 2inch rulers?

Mike Skinner, in reply to Lily Allen: @lilyroseallen men don’t need big dicks around you. yours more than makes up for it

Jon McClure: if i was gay i would be into serge pizorno and ryan jarman,! fact !

Tune in next week for the best from the Twitter-verse.