John Coltrane’s widow dies

Alice Coltrane passes away after respiratory failure

The widow of late saxophone legend John Coltrane has died at the age of 69.

Alice Coltrane passed away after respiratory failure at West Hills Hospital and Medical Centre near Los Angeles on Friday (January 12).

The pianist, born Alice McLeod in Detroit on August 27, 1937, started learning classical piano at the age of seven before she was introduced to jazz piano when she studied in Paris.

She met John Coltrane when she returned to New York in 1963. They later married and she began performing with his band in the mid-60s.

John died of liver disease at the age of 40 in 1967, but Alice brought up their children and continued to perform.

She released a series of albums, including ‘A Monastic Trio’ and ‘Ptah, the El Daoud’, reports Billboard.

Her last album was ‘Translinear Light’, which was released in 2004.